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The LHV new music award Au‑tasu

LHV Au-tasu appreciates new Estonian music and composers bringing the spotlight on contemporary works that attract wider attention and deserve to be introduced to international audiences. The award sponsored by the Estonian Composers’ Union and LHV since 2016 rewards valuable and high-quality creative work by Estonian classical music composers.

This year marks the sixth time the award is given out to recognize the work of one Estonian composer. The laureate will receive a monetary award of 6,000 euros and a glass trophy designed by Mare Saare.

Candidates can be nominated by groups, organizations, and individuals, regardless of the country of residence.

The winner of the LHV Au-tasu 2021 will be announced at the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir concert held in Estonia Concert Hall on the 30th of April.

The jury includes:
Tiia Teder (Presiding juror, Editor-in-Chief of Klassikaraadio), Helena Tulve (Estonian Composers’ Union), Kerri Kotta (Chairman of the Estonian Musicological Society), Kristiina Poska (conductor), Iris Oja (mezzo-soprano), and Tarmo Johannes (flutist).

Former laureates of LHV Au-tasu:
Liisa Hirsch. “Ascending…Descending” (2016)
Toivo Tulev. “Black Mirror” (2017)
Erkki-Sven Tüür. “Solastalgia” (2018)
Helena Tulve “Tundmatuis vetes”(2019)
Märt-Matis Lill “Suidsusannasümfoonia” (2020)

The award is issued by the LHV. Competition partners are Estonian Composers’ Union, Estonian Music Information Centre, Estonian Public Broadcasting with Klassikaraadio, and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.


Nominations can be submitted

  • regardless of length, genre, structure or composition
  • regardless of the author’s country of residence
  • the world premiere took place in 2020
  • the year of completion is not documented earlier than 2020
  • a full-length recording of the work is available (Klassikaraadio, Estonian National Broadcasting, any other media channel, performer, or composer).

The jury guarantees the copyright protection of the recording. The recording of the work is used only in the work of the jury and in the announcement of the LHV Au-tasu award and is not shared with third parties or organizations.

The following information is required about the candidate:

  • name of the author and the full title of the work
  • information about the premiere: date, place, performers
  • information on the existence and availability of the recording
  • contact details of the candidate (name, e-mail address, telephone number)
  • photo

In case a nominated work belongs to a member of the Jury, the composer either withdraws from the work of the jury or withdraws the piece from the nomination.

The nominees will be announced on the website of the Estonian Music Days in April 2021. For any questions regarding work submissions, please contact with the keyword “LHV Au-tasu 2021”.

The list of 2020 world premieres

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