Music Days

Lepo Sumera

Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) is one of the greatest Estonian symphonist of all times as well as a leading figure in the electroacoustic music circles. He combined many compositional techniques in his works and his oeuvre includes radically differing – even at times conflicting – pieces. Sumera was an active film composer as well. He studied with Veljo Tormis at the Tallinn Music High School. In 1973, Sumera graduated from the Tallinn State Conservatory (studied with Heino Eller and Heino Jürisalu) and continued his studies at Moscow Conservatory with Roman Ledenjov. Sumera worked as a sound engineer at the Estonian Raido and as a senior consultant at the Estonian Composers’ Union. In 1981–2000, he taught at the Estonian Academy of Music, where he was also one of the founders and first director of the Electronic Music Studio (founded in 1995). In 1988–1992, Sumera served as the first Minister of Culture of the re-independent Estonia and in 1993–2000 he served as the chariman of the Estonian Composers’ Union.