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Beauty of Chaos
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Sun, September 20 2020

Estonian National Opera, Chamber hall
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YXUS Ensemble
Harry Traksmann (violin), Olga Voronova (violin), Mari Targo (violin), Laur Eensalu (viola), Leho Karin (cello), Regina Udod (double bass),  Talvi Hunt (piano), Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann (piano), Madis Metsamart (percussion), Heigo Rosin (percussion).
Conductor Kaspar Mänd

Helena Tulve (b 1972)
“Emergence I. Flowering out of the dark” for violin, cello and piano (2020, premiere)

Arash Yazdani (b 1985)
“may contain choking hazard” for percussion and looper pedal (2020, premiere)
Performed by Heigo Rosin

Timo Steiner (b 1976)
“Concerto for Beauty” or two violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano and percussion (2020, premiere)

Toivo Tulev (b 1958)
“White House, Blue Shutters – Blue House, White Shutters” for two violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano and percussion (2020, premiere)
1. White House, Blue Shutters – Blue House, White Shutters
2. –
3. Blue House, White Shutters – White House, Blue Shutters

Emergence I. Flowering out of the dark. Emergence – in systems theory, a property which guarantees the integrity of the system that the elements of the system do not have on their own. The word ‘emergence’ also has other meanings, such as becoming visible, creation, appearance; the Latin word ‘emergere’ provides additional shades of meaning: to appear from darkness into light, surface, materialize, clarify, sound, become perceptible.
I have borrowed the subtitle of the composition from the poem The Rose by one of my recent favourite poets Theodore Rothke. According to Roethke’s expert Richard Blessin, in this poem “sound and silence, rootedness and fluidity, motion and stillness, sea and land, wind and light, are folded in the petals of the rose, which keeps and gathers all until everything comes to one.” Here, the rose symbolises integrity, the union of contrasts, the energetics of the process of life itself. 
“But this rose, this rose in the sea-wind, 
Stays, Stays in its true place, 
Flowering out of the dark.”
(Helena Tulve)

may contain choking hazard: This piece is written for any percussive thing and a looper pedal and it may contain choking hazard. (Arash Yazdani)

A Concert to Beauty: The composition springs from a mental image about a concert – a piano concert, for instance – where all the seats, stands and scores have been set up for the orchestra, but only a few instrumentalists appear. Like a piano concert with instruments missing, or the instruments remaining. With the ones who did not, could not or were forbidden to go along… A singing void in the grove between beauty and life. (Timo Steiner) 

White House, Blue Shutters – Blue House, White Shutters: There are many light blue houses with white shutters in New England, and equally many white houses with light blue shutters. It was pleasant to view them and it was pleasant to think about them afterwards. To an extent, this piece for seven instruments is like yin and yang, where the light blue and white have their own scales, both with an equal number of six notes. Time-wise, the world of pitches is controlled by three numbers: nine, seven and five. Their contradictions and rotations create numerical sequences and their occasional symmetry also impacts the temporal structure as well as the independence of the pitches. The composition has three movements. Its second, untitled part might be construed as a free sequence of tropes and cadences. (Toivo Tulev)

Inspired by musical experiments and completely new approach YXUS Ensemble sets its goal to accost the audience and involve them into music in a surprising and special way. YXUS Ensemble is not just a group of musicians – it’s like a laboratory for ideas, where musicians, composers, videos artists and directors willing to experiment are involved.
The YXUS Ensemble is mostly oriented to contemporary chamber music, bringing world’s contemporary music to Estonian audience and introducing Estonian music to the listeners abroad. The ensemble has varying instrumentation, including a string quartet, a wind quintet, piano(s) and percussion, and mostly playing without a conductor.