26.04.–05.05.2024 / Tartu
Repoo Ensemble

Repoo Ensemble is a music theatre ensemble that was founded to perform repoo-opera. Its flexible membership includes composers, artists, writers and musicians from various creative fields and countries. Theatricality is inscribed in the ensemble’s very name (in Estonian, the word ‘repoo’ is ‘opera’ spelled backwards). Music theatre in a land behind the mirror, where the meanings of words and shapes shift. Something temporally minute can convey vast content, modern sound steps into dialogue with the sound of bygone centuries, and in this parallel universe a lecture in philosophy becomes understandable when viewed through a musical perspective. Repoo Ensemble has regularly participated in the projects of Pärnu Opera and performed at the Pärnu Contemporary Music Days, the new music festival AFEKT and Estonian Music Days, to name but a few. The ensemble’s activities are managed by Pärnu Opera and its artistic director is Andrus Kallastu.