26.04.–05.05.2024 / Tartu
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Sat, April 27
Contest Young Composer 2024 Final Concert

Tartu Heino Eller Music School
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Free concert!

Younger group:
Havryil SydorykMystery
Miia VanahansChanging Weather
Gerli OngFire Won’t Put Out Fire 

Older group:
Georg Jakob SalumäeEcho
Antti MarjapuuLove Song
Emilie RuusA Thought about Nothingness
Selina FeklinaSemi-Automatic
Hele-Riin RaunNorthern Sun
Mariann RaunAsh Light
Luisa Susanna KütsonCome, Come, Dream
Kadri KlanbergSending Stars
Lola-Mariin KuusNew Space

The final concert of the competition Young Composer 2024 will include compositions by the composers who passed the first round. Based on the performances, the jury will select the best contestants and reward their authors. 

The compositions will be performed by Jorma Toots (piano), Gertrud Jeffrey (percussion) and Kristin Müürsepp (flute and piccolo). From among the pieces performed at the concert, the jury consisting of Alisson Kruusmaa, Mariliis Valkonen and Margo Kõlar will select the next recipients of the “LHV Young Composer” and “LHV promising future” awards. Klassikaraadio will also bestow an award on a composer of their choice. The awards are funded by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, the Estonian Music Foundation, the Estonian Music Days festival and festival AFEKT.