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Sat, April 29 2023
19:00 – 20:00
Talvi Hunt

The House of the Black Heads
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Talvi Hunt (piano)
Karl Erik Laas (electronics)

Jüri Tamverk – Music in Eduard Wiiralt’s Engravings (2023, premiere)
I Preacher
II Absinthe Drinkers

Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes – “Mat’ Selesnya” (2022)

Malle Maltis – “Waters Flow Their Ways” for piano and electronics (2023, premiere)

Jüri Tamverk – Music in Eduard Wiiralt’s Engravings (2023, premiere)
III Dance of Angels
IV Fantastic Figures

Elo Masing – “Bird Music for Trees 3” for solo instrument and electronics (2023, premiere)

Arash Yazdani – “WinterWolf” for two keyboards (2023, premiere)


The first version of the piano cycle Music in Eduard Wiiralt’s Engravings, consisting of 8 pieces, was completed in 2017; this is a premiere of the 2nd redaction.

Mat’Selesnya (2022). Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes: “Mat’Selesnya is a mythical figure, one of the druids or nymphs who live inside trees. Enchanted by Mat’Selesnya’s song, one becomes one with everything.”

Waters Flow Their Ways for piano and electronics (2023, premiere). Malle Maltis: “Flowing water moves in a certain direction. Even if the water is blocked, it has the urge to go its own way – downwards, towards larger rivers and oceans.

In 1964, Dutch composer Ton de Leeuw published his piano piece Men Go Their Ways, in which the Japanese haiku tradition manifests itself both in the title and the guidelines for its performance: instead of forcing the interpreter into a predetermined act of will or expression, the material should be allowed to sound as freely as possible, leaving aside any aesthetic of tension. In this way, the best performance is the one that leaves the actual interpretation to the listener.”

Bird Music for Trees 3 (2023, premiere). Elo Masing: “What would a bird’s song sound like if we were the size of a songbird? What would the song of an oak or a birch tree sound like if we lived slowly enough to hear it?”

Arash Yazdani:WinterWolf (2023, premiere) it begins with the ending, then continues on. Written for two keyboards in 4th-tone tuning 8th-tone apart, and one Talvi Hunt. Special thanks to Sander Saarmets.”

Talvi Hunt is a talented young pianist dedicated to contemporary music. At the Estonian Music Days, she will present a versatile programme that explores different parts of the piano’s soul. Jüri Tamverk’s cycle, inspired by Wiiralt’s engravings, brightens the traditional sound of the piano.

Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes’s “Mat’Selesnya” enchants the listener with the enriched sound of a prepared piano, whereas in Malle Maltis’s piece, the acoustic piano enters into a fluid dialogue with electronics. Elo Masing’s work gives an opportunity to discover the piano as a string and percussion instrument, and to think about what a bird’s song would sound like if we were the size of songbirds. Perhaps a bird has sung on the tree that later became the piano? Perhaps the piano flies away with its proudly outstretched wing, leaving the pianist with only the black and white keys of the electronic instrument, virtuosically tuned by Arash Yazdani.

The concert will be live-broadcasted by Klassikaraadio.