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Sat, May 6 2023
Ülo Krigul’s author evening Black Notes

Philly Joe's
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Tickets: 15/8€

Ensemble T-40
Raul Ukareda (guitar)
Ülo Krigul (hammond organ)
Argo Toomel (bass)
Reigo Ahven (percussion)

Raul Ukareda, Ülo Krigul, Argo Toomel and Reigo Ahven are laborers of the bluse field who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Out of love for the rich soil from which all rhythm music has sprouted (or is on its way to), they have decided to strip away all the unnecessary bells and whistles to discover the rhizomes of the blues. The ability of these succulent, thick roots to conceal nourishing reefs, grooves and organ creaks is timeless.

Judging by the calendar and the sound, it might sound like early music, but the band plays nothing but fresh new material on a regular basis at Philly Joe’s Jazz Club, with a full schedule of new songs prepared for each night. Due to the latter fact, the musicians’ performance in May has been included also in the programme of Estonian Music Days. After all, one of the most important aspects of the festival is also the premieres of new works by Estonian composers. This time, composer Ülo Krigul has created ten new pieces for the chamber ensemble consisting of organ, guitar, bass guitar and percussion.

(Ülo Krigul)