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Sat, April 29 2023
16:00 – 17:00
M4GNET Quartet

The Estonian Academy of Sciences
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Robert Traksmann (violin)
Katariina Maria Kits (violin)
Mart Kuusma (viola)
Siluan Hirvoja (cello)

Heino EllerFour Pieces for string quartet (1954):
I Andante sostenuto
II Scherzo – Allegro

Mariliis ValkonenJourney to Ease (2023, premiere)

Kristo Klaus Maskott traavis (2023, premiere)

Lauri Jõeleht Rosa mystica (2023, premiere)

Jonas TarmLine (2023, premiere)

Heino EllerFour Pieces for string quartet (1954)
III Allegretto
IV Larghetto


In the last years of his life, Heino Eller turned to his previously written works on several occasions, revising them, arranging them and arranging them in cycles. In this way, for example, the famous cycle “Five pieces” for string orchestra (1953, the last piece of which is the famous “Domestic piece”) has been completed. It can be called a close relative of the cycle “Four pieces” for string quartet (1954), which is also composed of previously written violin and piano pieces and where the elegiacally thoughtful mood of the extreme parts alternates with a more folk, dance style of expression in the middle parts.

Journey to Ease (2023, premiere). Mariliis Valkonen: “A suffocating, low-frequency system with no way out wraps everything up as a spider wraps its prey in a web. Only a few moments of clarity reveal that such a harsh environment is not the only option. Nevertheless, the stronger “spider” takes on. It is only the final transformation that leads to a journey to ease”.

Maskott traavis (The mascot cantered,  2023, premiere). Kristo Klaus: “Physicist John Ellis first used the term theory of everything* in 1986 in the journal Nature. Just as physicists debate the theory that explains the whole universe, I sometimes reflect on the theory of good music that unites everything. However, physicists have not yet discovered a formula to explain the entire universe, and neither have I found an exhaustive formula for good music. I’m still trying to figure it out, and the progress I’ve made in writing this piece has made its way onto the Spotify playlist. I believe that the songs included in the playlist only reflect a small aspect of the theory uniting good music. In turn, this small aspect is just one variable in a very complex formula. There is still a lot of work to do and the road to a major breakthrough in the science of good music is definitely a long one. Yet this is how I am: an endless explorer. I wish myself every success on this long journey!” 

* Ellis, J. The superstring: theory of everything, or of nothing? Nature 323, 595–598 (1986).

Rosa mystica (Mystical Rose, 2023, premiere). Lauri Jõeleht: “On the bowed string instruments, the overtones sound beautifully. In the piece created for M4GNET quartet, I focused on the harmony derived from the overtone series, using a lot of natural harmonics that gently touch the human soul, creating a mystical soundscape.”

Jonas Tarm: Line (2023, premiere) for string quartet is a journey along the simplest theme that I have written so far: a descending major scale that quietly reveals itself. This musical line explores different thoughts, spaces, struggles, and joys. As it travels, choosing and accepting its different paths, it evolves into its fullest form, learning new ways to express itself. As the theme descends from its passionate climax, it reflects with silence, and returns to a familiar place.”

M4GNET Quartet is a promising and forward-looking Estonian string quartet, praised for its spirited performances and passionate interplay: violinists Robert Traksmann and Katariina Maria Kits, violist Mart Kuusma and cellist Siluan Hirvoja. M4GNET Quartet seeks to perform venerable classical repertoire in tandem with forgotten works from the diverse string quartet heritage. The present programme seeks to explore the soul and spirit of quartet music through its expressive possibilities, bringing together four eloquent miniatures by Heino Eller, the leading master of Estonian quartet music, and four new pieces which will be performed for the first time.

The concert will be live-broadcasted by Klassikaraadio.