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Tarmo Johannes

Tarmo Johannes (b. 1976 in Tallinn) is a flautist and a multi-talented musician who mainly performs contemporary music. He has been and still is the leader of the Ensemble U: (flute-clarinet-violin-cello-piano-percussion) and Resonabilis (voice-flute-cello-kannel). Since 2019, he is also a member of the Estonian Electronic Music Society Ensemble. He has given numerous concerts of solo flute, flute and electronics repertoire. In recent years Tarmo Johannes has been intensively involved in sound synthesis and programming. He is essentially interested in creating algorithmically generated sound systems which also enable to create live, real time performances, often with the participation of an audience or other uncontrollable factor. Since 2015, Tarmo Johannes has been the main developer of CsoundQt, the most used Csound front-end. Tarmo Johannes teaches flute at the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet and various subjects related to contemporary music and sound synthesis at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.