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Sander Saarmets

Sander Saarmets is a composer, sound designer and electronic musician. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with a degree in electroacoustic composition and is a member of the international masters programme CoPeCo. Besides electronic compositions, he has created music and soundscapes for films (e.g. The New World and Everyday Mysticism, dir. Jaan Tootsen, BERG and A Pile of Ghosts, dir. Ella Raidel), dance performances and art shows. In autumn 2020, his music was used at New York Fashion Week. He has released albums Muschraum (Ulmeplaadid, 2005) and V4R1 (Grainy Records, 2017). Saarmets is interested in sounds in both musical and non-musical aspects. He is also inspired by musical traditions of different cultures. He lived in Taiwan in 20122017.