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Wed, May 3 2023
19:00 – 20:30
EAMT Sinfonietta

The Concert and Theatre House of EAMT
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Free concert!

EAMT Sinfonietta
Conductor Toomas Vavilov

Alireza FarajianhamedaniSinfonietta No. 1

Alise BērziņaWith a Wings of a Bird

Ayşe Pınar ÖzaslanVelvele

Doğaç İşbilen – Circulations

Elvis DelinšSoul and Soil

Francesco CiarmatoriThe Forest Within

Sofiia ShcherbakovaObsessive Thoughts

Viktoria GrahvIf You Take Away Your Black There Will Not Be My White

Yang RenSinfonietta No. 3


Sinfonietta No. 1 It is a piece commissioned by EMTA’s sinfonietta.

With a Wings of a Bird for Sinfonietta of Estonian Music and Theatre Academy

Are those bird songs we hear?
Or is it just our imagination?
Maybe those are not birds or waves of an ocean, nor tree leafs rattling in the wind…
Maybe we hear all the sweet love letters that have been scattered in the wind…
Maybe those are lullabies, singed for the first or the last time…
Maybe it’s just something we want to hear in this darkness, created by others.
Maybe we just really miss that bright light with which we were looking at the world, when we were children.

Ayşe Pınar Özaslan: Velvele Pandæmonium. The word refers to a loud, wild, tumultuous protest, disorder, or chaotic situation, usually of a crowd howling, wailing, and lamenting.

Circulations. Doğaç İşbilen: “The main purpose in music has been to create counterpoint melodies/lines by considering almost every instrument like a soloist. Since we wander through the harmonies that emerge with these lines, it is named as circulations.”

Soul and Soil, Elvis Delinš: “This piece expresses the inevitable question that appears in front of us in our lives. The music is abundant with associations with the music from previous centuries, thus creating polistylistic but coherent message.”

The Forest Within

“through the mud you walk
through the soil and leaves
with no will to talk
and only whispers,
in your mind as thieves…”
(Francesco Ciarmatori)

Obsessive thoughts, Sofiia Shcherbakova: “This piece is a reflection of all the destructive thoughts that follow us in the most difficult moments of our lives. Sometimes it is impossible to hide from such thoughts, they haunt us and always catch up.”

If you take away your black there will not be my white

It’s so pleasant to feel your touch
through the branch of dead wood
and cold metal
Rise and fall, black and white, far and near
are moving too close together
If I take away my fall neither will you rise
If you take away your black there will not be my white
So let us helplessly gaze
how the far and the near slowly reach each other
through the branch of dead wood
and cold metal
(Viktoria Grahv)

Sinfonietta No. 3, Yang Ren: “This piece focuses on building structure and clarifying layers. Its main color involves cold grey and sharp red.”

The Sinfonietta of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is the academy’s student orchestra. Besides classical repertoire, the sinfonietta performs compositions by young composers; moreover, the orchestra often performs under the baton of conductors who are still studying the trade. The sinfonietta will premiere works by the students of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre completed during this academic year under the guidance of composers Helena Tulve, Tõnu Kõrvits, Toivo Tulev.

In collaboration with Estonian Music and Theatre Academy