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Jüri Tamverk

Jüri Tamverk (b. 1954) graduated from the Tallinn Music High School in 1973 as a piano student of Prof. Bruno Lukk. In 1976 Tamverk received a diploma at the Soviet Republic competition for pianists, held in Tallinn. In 1979, he graduated from Moscow Conservatory as a pianist with Gleb Akselrod as his teacher. In 1984, Tamverk received his composers’ degree from Tallinn State Conservatory (Prof. Eino Tamberg’s class). Tamverk currently works in Nõmme Music School.

Chamber music for ensembles forms the basic part of Jüri Tamverk’s oeuvre. He has also composed orchestral music, cantata for mezzo soprano, mixed choir and symphony orchestra and some choral songs. In 1985, Tamverk’s cantata Ding won the 1st prize and the vocal cycle Everything Lasts Only One Moment the 3rd prize at the composition competition of all over the Soviet Union. However, piano music is at the heart of his oeuvre. 

The first version of the piano cycle Music in Eduard Wiiralt’s Engravings, consisting of 8 pieces, was completed in 2017; this is a premiere of the 2nd redaction.