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Ensemble U:

Ensemble U: is currently the most active and renowned contemporary music ensemble in Estonia. It has gained recognition for its ability to perform even the most demanding works without a conductor, openness for bold experimental ideas and sensitivity for sound. In addition to Estonia U: has performed at many important international festivals.

U: performs the masterworks of modern composers as well as experimental compositions. One distinct field for U: is to delve into improvisational works and perform pieces that require the rendering of non-traditional notation. The repertoire includes authors from Estonia and abroad and the ensemble values the opportunity to continuously commission new music to be written for them. In April 2009 ensemble U: released their first album U: consisting of works by Estonian composers dedicated to U: between 2004–2009. The CD’s presentation took place in a ‘double reality’ – a virtual concert in the Estonian Virtual Embassy in Second Life, simultaneous with the live presentation, was the first of its kind in Estonia. The second album Protuberances was released two years later, 2011. Ensemble’s third CD, entitled Alive (2015) holds exclusively selected live recordings from 2012–2014. In recent years U: has gained recognition for its original interactive project Audience orchestra.

In the field of musical theatre Ensemble U: has worked with Mart Kangro, one of the internationally most renowned conceptual dance choreographers in Estonia, for several times. Performances Play (2006), Romeo & Juliet (2008) and Harmony (2009) have stemmed from this collaboration.

Taavi Kerikmäe (piano)
Levi-Danel Mägila (violoncello)
Tarmo Johannes (flute)
Merje Roomere (violin)
Helena Tuuling (clarinet)
Vambola Krigul (percussion)