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Tallinn / Tartu
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Sun, April 24 2022
Mari Poll and Momir Novakovic

The House of the Black Heads
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Mari Poll (violin)
Momir Novakovic (accordion)

Alisson Kruusmaa (b. 1992) – …when I rose, I began to see you differently, sun – variations for violin and accordion (2022, premiere)

Rasmus Puur (b. 1991) – It takes two to tango (2022, premiere)

Lazar Đorđević (b. 1992) – Lunar Dust for accordion (2021) 

Elo Masing (b. 1984) – …becoming with… (2022, premiere)

Mikołaj Majkusiak (b. 1983) – Sonata for Violin and Accordion I–V (2015)


Alisson Kruusmaa …when I rose, I began to see you differently, sun (premiere, 2022)

if you extinguished, I would be in the dark.
The old sun cannot illuminate
my eyes accustomed to the new fire.
(Ellen Niit)

It Takes Two to Tango (premiere, 2022). “The initial impulse of the composition was the coexistence of two persons, their dialogue and intertwining, which often reminds me of a dance. A passionate dance where you are occasionally in sync and then at odds, distant. Yet, in this dance we don’t lose contact with each other: the reactions, energy and synergy remain. For all this to happen, we always need two. To Tango. To have a life.” (Rasmus Puur)

“Composition Lunar Dust for accordion solo was originally commissioned by Serbian accordionist Vladimir Blagojević in 2021. The absence of time signatures and tempo marks in the score leaves performers more space for expressing their own musicality – which is an integral part of the performance itself. Using extreme registers and extended performance techniques on the accordion, the composer achieves different timbral situations. Presence of the note “B” (Si) in different registers and variants of a harmonic sequence with the same initial tone can be considered a fundamental part of the harmonic perspective of the piece itself.” (Lazar Đorđević)

…becoming with… (2022, premiere). “[…] it is the possibility of becoming not exactly the other through metamorphosis but with the other, not in the sense of feeling what the other is thinking or of feeling for the other like a burdensome empathizer but rather of receiving and creating the possibility to inscribe oneself in a relation of exchange and proximity that has nothing to do with identification.” (Vinciane Despret, What would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions, pp 17.) (Elo Masing)

Sonata for violin and accordion I–V (2015) is a five-movement composition, the most important feature of which are the contrasts (agogic, rhythmic, textural). The odd parts show the virtuoso technical possibilities of both performers, showing their cooperation or competition. Fragments kept in slow tempos bring out the rich sonic possibilities of both instruments.” (Mikołaj Majkusiak)
The sonata is commissioned by Agata Szymczewska and Ludwig van Beethoven Association. 

A duo consisting of a violin and an accordion is quite an extraordinary phenomenon. Young violinist Mari Poll has excelled on international stages and has now returned to Estonia to take up the position of concertmaster at the Estonian National Opera. Together with her ensemble partner, renowned accordionist Momir Novakovic, they will present a programme brimming with fresh ideas and sound colours. New compositions for this concert have been written by Elo Masing, Rasmus Puur and Alisson Kruusmaa. In addition, the programme includes music by Lazar Đorđević and Mikołaj Majkusiak.

Live-broadcast by Klassikaraadio and EMP TV.