Estonian Music Days

Tallinn / Tartu

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Trio ’95

Trio ’95 is a highly acclaimed piano trio from Estonia, established in 2003. The ensemble consists of pianist Rasmus Andreas Raide, violinist Robert Traksmann and cellist Marcel Johannes Kits. Their first steps as an ensemble were taken as classmates at the Tallinn Music High School with Laine Leichter, later Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann. After highschool they acquired a higher education in Germany, at the universities of Berlin and Karlsruhe. They’ve also attended masterclasses of Prof. Francis Gouton and Prof. Alexander Bonduryanski. The most notable achievements of the ensemble are: 1st place in the international chamber music competition Pavasario Sonata 2012, 1st place in the international chamber music competition named after Ilmari Hännikäinen in Finland and 1st place with numerous special prizes in the international chamber music competition Tallinn 2021. In addition to Estonia, the ensemble has had performances in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Finland and Lithuania. 

As a result of their unique path of education, Trio ’95 synthesises qualities from somewhat contrasting teachings of the former Eastern Bloc as well as the Western sphere – this balance gives them a basis for a wide repertoire where the known and the lesser-known pearls of the genre will be given an equal chance to shine. As proud Estonians the three have made it a priority to perform and expand the Estonian trio repertoire. Their repertoire includes trios from Jaan Rääts, Arvo Pärt as well as Erkki-Sven Tüür. Liisa Hõbepappel, Ülo Krigul, Rein Rannap and Kristjan Randalu have been commissioned to compose for Trio ’95 for festivals Estonian Music Days and Glasperlenspiel in 2022. Trio ’95 is a laureate of the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Sound Art Endowment 2020 annual award.