Estonian Music Days

Tallinn / Tartu
Rein Rannap

Estonian composer and pianist Rein Rannap (b. 1953)  is well-known for his ability to mix various genres. His postmodern classical works have popular music influences and hence have been composed in the crossover style. Rannap has written music for various instruments and in many genres – symphonic, brass, chamber, choral, children music plus film scores. His most well-known works are his popular songs and piano works. When until recently Rannap’s creative goals have been connected with writing songs and performing classical repertoire and improvising as a pianist, then currently he is focussing on his classical compositions. Rannap has studied classical piano at the Tallinn Music High School and Tallinn State Conservatory, after which he graduated with an MA in classical piano from Moscow Conservatory. He first was an autodidact as a composer but after his piano studies, he received an MA and PhD in composition from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.