Estonian Music Days

Tallinn / Tartu

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Vene 14, Tallinn 10123

Theatrum was founded on December 8, 1994 by the students and lecturers of the Chair of Theater of the Estonian Institute of Humanities (Lembit Peterson, Juhan Viiding) and the participants of the theater program of the Old Town Education College. The substantive activities of the non-profit association Studio THEATRUM, which has ended its activities today, will be continued by the Theatrum Foundation, which was founded on September 8, 2005.

The main tasks are:

• to support and continue the creative and methodological search for the most important theater-makers of this century in the field of directing and acting techniques, which would help to find tools and playful images that can be understood by today’s viewers in order to play classical drama and convey their values;

• to delve deeper into the spiritual values ​​contained in them through dramaturgical and other texts through the worlds of spirits, thoughts and feelings of different eras, and through educational and cultural activities;

• to get to know, creatively develop the tradition of early theater in the West, linking it to the valuable and understandable theatrical tradition of the whole world, searching for deep intercultural connections (based on the unifying roots of interculturality).

Photo: Kaido Haagen