Estonian Music Days

Tallinn / Tartu
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Sat, April 16 2022
Ulla Krigul and Virgo Veldi

Tartu St. Paul's Church
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Ulla Krigul (organ)
Virgo Veldi (saxophone)

Tõnu Kõrvits (b. 1969) – Hymn to the blue sky for organ (2014)

Toivo Tulev (b. 1958) – a way, away for saxophone and organ (2022, premiere)

René Eespere (b. 1953) – Flatus gratus for saxophone and organ (2022, premiere)

Erkki-Sven Tüür (b. 1959) – Spectrum III for organ (1999)

Ülo Krigul (b. 1978) – From the Eye of the Storm for saxophone and organ (2022, premiere)

Tõnu Kõrvits (b. 1969) – Thule chorals for soprano saxophone and organ (2016)


A way, away (2022, premiere) was written in the spring of 2022 for Virgo Veldi and Ulla Krigul.
The path that leads up, that leads down, that leads away, that leads nowhere. At one point there is only the path and then, nothing at all.” (Toivo Tulev)

Flatus Gratus (2022, premiere). “I have reached an age where showing gratitude is no longer a sign of weakness. Flatus Gratus (“An Outburst of Gratitude” – “Tänulik puhang”) was composed thanks to Virgo Veldi and Ulla Krigul. Thus, this composition is dedicated to them. In addition, the score also includes a symbolic reference in homage to my teacher J. S. Bach.” (René Eespere)

Erkki-Sven Tüür has four pieces titled Spectrum; I and III are for organ, II and IV for organ with other instruments. Spectrum I was commissioned by the renowned organist Andres Uibo and premiered in 1989 at the third International Tallinn Organ Festival arranged by him in 1989. Spectrum III was premiered by Andres Uibo in 1999 at the Nürnberg Organ Festival. Both solo pieces are extensive and demonstrate the powerful sound palette and contrasting opportunities of an organ.

From the Eye of the Storm (“Tormisilmast”, 2022, premiere) was written thinking of a dear friend who, in her infinitely humble love, passed away this winter on an exceptionally beautiful and powerfully stormy night.” (Ülo Krigul) 

Both Ulla Krigul and Virgo Veldi are among the most renowned musicians on their respective instruments – Ulla Krigul on the organ and Virgo on the saxophone. They have collaborated already for 17 years, and thus (with one exception), all compositions in this programme have been composed especially for Ulla and Virgo. The concert boasts three premieres: Toivo Tulev, René Eespere, Ülo Krigul; in addition, the concert will include music written earlier by Tõnu Kõrvits and Erkki-Sven Tüür. 

New commissions are supported by the Estonian Authors' Society.