Estonian Music Days

Jüri Reinvere

Composer and writer Jüri Reinvere (b. 1971) has a cosmopolitan spirit but several of his works are very much tied to the geographical area of Estonia and its history. He connects different fields of art and aesthetics in his work and has often deployed multimedia. Reinvere’s musical language has been extremely varied – from new simplicity to sonic sculptures consisting of audio artworks and nature sounds. In Reinvere’s music bearing original passion, there are generally two components in the foreground: polyphony and symmetry. Jüri Reinvere has studied and lived in Warsaw and Helsinki but is a resident of Germany since 2005. In 2000, his piece “Loodekaar” (“The Northwest Quarter”) won at the International Rostrum of Composers in the category of composers under 30. In 2012 his opera “Purge”, based on Sofi Oksanen’s book, was staged at the National Opera of Finland and in 2014 his opera “Peer Gynt” was premiered at Norwegian National Opera.