Tickets for Estonian Music Days (EMD) can be purchased at Piletilevi points of sale and online from February 2018. Tickets will also be available at the venue 1 hour before the concert at the Estonian Music Days information desk.

Tickets for the performance of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra are already on sale at the Estonia Concert Hall, Piletilevi and Piletimaailm.

The festival passes are available at Piletilevi. The pass purchased from Piletilevi DOES NOT act as a ticket, it must be exchanged for an EMD pass before the start of the first concert at the Estonian Music Days information desk located in the foyer of each concert hall, open 1 hour before the start of the concert.

Additional information about the festival pass will be provided at the information desk. For some of the concerts the pass is only valid with a ticket which you can claim from the festival information desk.

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