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Emajõgi River banks

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Kaarsild, 51013 Tartu

The Emajõgi River is one of the most important symbols of the city of Tartu. Within the city of Tartu, Emajõgi has five car briges and two pedestrian bridges, several berths (including the guest berth in front of Atlantis), and five boat harbors.

The concert schedule:
18:00 Arch Bridge – Kaarsild
18:15 Delta building
18:45 Lodjakoja Bay

The arch bridge is a pedestrian bridge between the city center and the Ülejõgi district. The bridge was built in 1957-1959 on the site of the former Kivisilla, on the foundations of its shore pillars. The sound and light design of the Kaarsilla is still a unique public space project of its kind in Estonia. Next to the arch bridge is also a model of the Kivisilla, which was destroyed in World War II. (Source: Visit Tartu)

The Delta Centre of the University of Tartu is one of the most modern centers of digital technology, analytical and economic thought in the Nordic region.
Address: Narva mnt 18, 51009 Tartu.

The Lodjakoja is located just a 15-minute walk from the city center along the beautiful Emajõgi riverbank and the cathedral-like poplar alley. Lodjakoda is the newest venue in Tartu. There are three buildings on the territory of Lodjakoja. The main building will act as a center for historic shipbuilding, a theme park, a museum and an exhibition space. Address Tartu, Ujula 98.