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Fri, April 23
Cultural and genetic heredity in and around us
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Online from Tartu, Estonian National Museum (ERM) "Echo of the Urals" exhibition area

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The participants of the conversation circle are Art Leete, Janika Oras, Madis Arukask and Kristiina Tambets. Moderated by Märt-Matis Lill

Cultural and genetic heredity in and around us

The impact of genes and culture on a person’s development is a much disputed scientific topic, where opinions and standpoints periodically tend to fluctuate from one extreme to the other. This dispute undoubtedly resonates with us, Estonians, quite directly, and inspires us to think about our location on the border of the Finno-Ugrian and the Indo-European linguistic and cultural territories. Has our genetic heritage shaped our perceptions and worldviews, and if so, how much? What parts and effects does this genetic heritage consist of, anyway? And how could we see the associations among our genetic heritage, archaic cultural heritage and the art created today?