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Fri, April 23
Piano duo Kadri-Ann Sumera & Talvi Hunt
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Online from Tartu Heino Eller Music School, Tubin Hall

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Piano duo Kadri-Ann Sumera & Talvi Hunt


Lepo Sumera (19502000, Estonia) In Es (1978)

Lauri Jõeleht (*1974, Estonia) – Stella matutina (2021, premiere)

Krists Auznieks (*1992, Latvia)The Ebb Tide (2012) 

Ardo Ran Varres (*1974, Estonia) – 13 Pieces for Two Pianos on Estonian Runic Melodies: I–VI (2021, premiere) 

Gintaras Sodeika (*1961, Lithuania) Sutapo (2010) 

Rasmus Puur (*1991, Estonia) – Écoutez vous (Listen, 2021, premiere) 

One-minute compositions: 

Lauri Jõeleht Sequenza (2021, premiere)

Rasmus Puur Night Sky (2021, premiere)

Ardo Ran Varres 13 Pieces for Two Pianos on Estonian Runic Melodies: VI (version for four hands, 2021, premiere)


The collaboration between Talvi Hunt and Kadri-Ann Sumera has been brief but very fruitful. Their debut at the ISCM World Music Days in Tallinn in 2019 became an instant favorite of the audience and received rave reviews. The duo of Talvi and Kadri-Ann is enriched by the musicians’ broad horizon – while Talvi is dedicated to performing contemporary music and also specialized in it in Luzern, Kadri-Ann’s repertoire is versatile and includes music from Baroque
to the newest compositions available. Therefore, the ensemble benefits from their strong suits. In addition to music, the pianists are both passionate about demolishing houses and bicycling in the woods.

Alongside Latvian and Lithuanian music, the concert will include the premieres of three new pieces composed especially for the duo. The main title of the festival, “DNA”, provides an additional meaning for the interpretation of ancient runic songs in the composition of Ardo Ran Varres, the archaic kannel sounds in Lauri Jõeleht’s piece, and the intertwined musical passages in Krists Auzniek’s music. To narrow the DNA hints down, Kadri-Ann will also perform a piece by her own gene provider – In Es by her father, Lepo Sumera.

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