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Taavi & Anna-Liisa. Foto Harri Rospu
Sun, September 13 2020
Estonian Music Days in Tartu: Anna-Liisa Eller & Taavi Kerikmäe

Tartu New Theater
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Tickets 10/8€

Anna-Liisa Eller (Estonian chromatic kannel)
Taavi Kerikmäe (electronics)

John Dowland (1563–1626)
“Lachrimae” (1596)

Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988)
“Maknongan” (1976)

Helena Tulve (b 1972)
“Silmaja” for kannel and electronics (2006/2020) new version premiere

Louis Couperin (1626–1661)
“Prelude” D-minor


Elo Masing (b 1984)
“study in entropy?” (2020, premiere)

It’s the first mutual concert of longtime partners Anna-Liisa Eller and Taavi Kerikmäe. Together, by turns and side by side they perform early and contemporary music, acoustic and electronic sounds. It’s the same and different altogether. The common axis is listening to each other.

Lachrimae is Dowland’s one of the most famous and definitely one of the most spectacular pieces for solo lute of that era, written in 1596. Yet, the solo song version of the piece, Flow My Tears (published in 1600 in the collection The Second Book of Songs) can be considered even more popular. It is an extraordinarily emotional piece of music, with a beautiful melody and exquisite harmony, based on pavane – a slow, processional dance of the abovementioned era. 

Maknongan (1976) is a piece for a low-pitched instrument or voice – the author has not specified further. For instance, it may be performed by a tuba, double bassoon, bass saxophone, bass flute or a bass singer. The tempo is slow but the time signature has not been specified; the piece should last about four minutes.

Beholder: Limitless twilight and spheres of stardust, valse triste et nouvelles aventures, something is ticking, someone is passing by, who beheld what? How many loops did they knit? (Helena Tulve). 

The original version of the solo kannel piece Beholder was Beholders, composed for the opening ceremony of the Kumu Art Museum and premiered in February 2006. The solo kannel version was premiered by Kristi Mühling in september 2006 in Toronto. The currently premiered version for kannel and electronics was composed in collaboration with Taavi Kerikmäe and Anna-Liisa Eller.

study in entropy?: Entropy describes the number of possible random rearrangements in an observed system. It is often said that entropy measures “disorder”. The processes in which entropy increases lead to irreversible changes in the system, decreasing the system’s ability to operate as some of the energy has irretrievably turned into heat. (Elo Masing, from Wikipedia)