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Sat, September 12
EMD in Tartu: Estonian Electronic Music Society’s ensemble & Post Horn

Tartu Club of Different Rooms
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Estonian Electronic Music Society’s ensemble
Post Horn

Jaanus Siniväli
“Deck of Cards – Private Content” (2020, premiere)

Udo Kasemets
“Lun(h)armonics” (1990)

Mihkel Tomberg
“Circle Sound” (2019)



Deck of Cards – Private Content is an improvisation and sound based multimedia performance environment (sound, video, light) for four electronic instruments along with a technical solution. 
The idea of the piece is to combine the prepared personal sound, image and video material submitted by the musicians, reflecting on the use of their personal information by the musicians themselves and by others, and the weight and impact of this content in various contexts. During the performance, the musicians are partially or seldom fully allowed to control the performance conditions of the sound material and arrange the presentation of the image material. The development of the composition is determined by the decisions made by the musicians, the selections of the deck of cards and the sequence in which they are dealt to the musicians. 
The composition springs from a non turn based card game in English. Every player is dealt a fixed number of cards and they can send each other (or to everyone at once) cards with five different types of written instructions. The active cards sent to the players are visible to the audience along with the score and winning conditions on a virtual game board projection. The card types and their texts determine the musical assignments of the participants and the interaction among them. (Jaanus Siniväli)

Lun(h)armonics for six oscillators is inspired by the Chinese lunar calendar. In the composition, a certain measure of time corresponds to each day and week, and the musicians retune their oscillators from one frequency to another according to cosmic changes. (Tarmo Johannes)

Circle Voice is a composition for six instrumentalists and is based on the telephone game. The first musician is surfing across the frequencies of an analogue radio, the next one records it and modifies the material according to the notation. The performance of the second musician is recorded by the next one, etc. The result is a fascinating and nuanced experimental composition, its simple idea bearing similarities to the approach of musique concréte.


Estonian Electronic Music Society’s Ensemble was created in 2017 and it is dedicated to electronic chamber music. The main aim of the collective is to cross the technological boundaries and develop a sensitive way of making music, reacting to each other and sharp listening, using the unbelievably rich sound variations of different electronic instruments.

Post Horn is a free impro electroacoustic duo comprised of Raul Keller (modular synthesisers, sound objects, voice) and Hello Upan (electric violin, sound objects, loopers, voice). Since the early 2000, they have been performing as solo artists and collaborating in various experimental sound projects and together as LokaalRaadio and Project Unison focusing on the performative live aspects of sound and noise. In 2020. Post Horn is rediscovering electroacoustic (microphones, dictation machines), acoustic (brass percussion, bells) and alternative sound objects (hunting whistles, bird lures) in a dialogue with electronic live-synthesis. The duo still focuses on finding the fragile balance between sound and noise in the dialogue of the two performers.