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For small ears and fingers

DNA-themed children’s compositions at the Estonian Music Days

This year, the composers of the Estonian Music Days have an additional DNA-themed challenge: to express their musical DNA in compositions for children. Thus, most of the festival’s composers got to write two pieces, one for big ears and the other for small ears – they will be premiered by adults but in the future they are meant to be deciphered by children. As for the audience, it is not even necessary to specify it, since what is created for children often transcends the limits of age. However, listening to two pieces by the same composer might provide a deeper insight into the composer’s secret musical codes. And the children who are going to play these compositions will most certainly be inspired to become the next link in the DNA chain of new Estonian music.

Festival is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture / Cultural Endowment of Estonia / Estonian Authors’ Society / Estonian National Culture Foundation / LHV bank / City of Tallinn / City of Tartu

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