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Taivo Lints

Taivo Lints (b. 1980) is a scientist whose main area of expertise is modelling complex adaptive systems. He is currently working in the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) and in Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) in the field of systems biology on computational models of bacterial cells. Taivo studied Computer and Systems Engineering as well as Information and Communications Technology in Tallinn University of Technology. He has also participated and accumulated further knowledge in tens of summer and winter schools and conferences in complexity science, computer science, biology, artificial life, semiotics, etc., in Estonia and abroad, including, for example, the Santa Fe Complex Systems Summer School (2004) and Stephen Wolfram’s New Kind of Science Summer School (2010).

Taivo has a very broad range interests, from sciences and engineering to architecture, music and visual arts. In all these fields the most interesting approaches and trends for him are those where his knowledge of complex systems, adaptivity, self-organisation, as well as his programming skills, are particularly relevant and applicable. In music his main focus is on electronic music, sound synthesis and sound processing, computer-based methods, and experimentation.