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Stockoholm Saxophone Quartet Photo Hampus Andersson
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet was founded in 1969 by saxophonist Sven Westerberg. Today the quartet consists of Jörgen Pettersson, Mathias Karlsen Björnstad, Linn Persson and Leif Karlborg.

After half a century, the driving force is still to explore and push the boundaries of what is considered artistically possible to achieve. Over the years, 700 pieces have been composed for the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet by Swedish and foreign composers, and the ensemble has toured worldwide.

With dedication and expertise, the quartet members have also had a unique and special ability to present our era’s music in a way that broadens understanding and creates curiosity around the diverse aesthetic of contemporary music. The quartet also holds seminars, participates in concerts and partners with artists in other genres than their own.