Music Days

Beauty of Chaos
Paulina Sundin & Monty Adkins

Paulina Sundin studied at the Royal College of Music and at EMS in Stockholm (Sweden). Her music has been played and broadcast all over the world. In 1999 she was chosen by the Rotary Foundation to be their goodwill ambassador in the United Kingdom where she began her post-graduate research at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. In 2006-08 Paulina Sundin was Composer in Residence at CoMA in Växjö (Sweden) and taught electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Sweden). In 2010 she completed her PhD in electroacoustic music at the University of Huddersfield gaining the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Thesis. Her work in concerned with new harmonic systems in electroacoustic music – particularly those based on the ideas and techniques of William Sethares. She is currently a freelance composer and researcher in Stockholm, Sweden.

Monty Adkins is a composer, performer, and Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield. He has created installations, concert and audio-visual works, and a number of collaborations with contemporary performers, video artists and photographers. His work since 2008 has been released by Audiobulb (UK) and Cronica (P). Adkins is also active as a writer and concert curator. He completed his first book in 2011 on the relationship between art and music (Shibusa – Extracting Beauty) a second on the music of Roberto Gerhard (Ashgate, 2013). Between 2005-2015 Adkins was Co-Artistic Director of the Electric Spring Festival, held annually in Huddersfield and focusing on live electronic music and experimental performance.