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Kristiina Tambets

Kristiina Tambets is an associate professor of population genetics at the University of Tartu and the deputy director of the Institute of Genomics at the University of Tartu. She has been involved with the university since studying biology, in 2004 and defended her doctorate in the chair of evolutionary biology. Her working group studies the demographic history of humans using information stored in hereditary material on the history of the formation of our species, migration routes, divisions, and mixing of peoples. Kristiina’s research contributes to the study of demographic events in Estonian areas through ancient DNA and modern human genomes and shows a more complex than the expected history of the local inhabitants, where each additional stratum has left a smaller or larger genetic mark. At the Institute of Genomics, she leads an old DNA project on the genetic background of the Estonian medieval population. Tambets is fascinated by the connections between human biological and cultural history, in addition to Estonian areas, she is involved in researching past events in the Uralic language space in Northern Eurasia. In 2020 she had the opportunity to work as a visiting researcher at the University of Turku. Kristiina Tambets is a member of the UT College of Archeology, Genetics, and Linguistics, which unites humanities and naturalists.