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Jievaras Jasinskis

Jievaras Jasinskis (*1989) is a Lithuanian trombone player, arranger and composer. He has graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, classical trombone class. In 2018 J. Jasinskis got accepted and is currently studying master’s degree in composition there.

Over the years Jievaras has arranged more than 1500 songs for various orchestras and bands. Among them are arrangements for two musicals (“Barbora Radvilaitė” and “Karalius Mindaugas”) written by Kipras Mašanauskas. J. Jasinskis has collaborated with artists like: Ten Walls, Linas Adomaitis, Ieva Narkutė, Lilas ir Innonime, G&G Sindikatas and Merūnas Vitulskis.

Jievaras performed and composed songs in a band Bekešo Vilkai. He also performed with such bands as Inculto, Saulės Kliošas, Skamp, G&G Sindikatas, Lilas and Innonime etc. In 2014 J. Jasinskis founded Reinless – band which performs his original pieces of music. They have released their debut album Sus Signal in 2017 and their second album 434 was released in 2020. In 2017 he founded Lithuanian JJazz Ensemble, which performs his and other Lithuanian composers’ original pieces of music.

In 2016 Jievaras composed music for silent film Barbora Radvilaitė (director Josef Lejtes) which was then performed live by a symphonic orchestra. The same year the composer has won in a competition (“New compositions for wind instruments and percussion”) organized by Lithuania’s Composers Union. His piece for a trombone and a piano No one’s suit became a compulsory piece to be performed in an international Pakalnio wind instrument competition. In 2017 J. Jasinskis composed music for a musical fairy-tale Džiazolendas. A year later he participated in an international project EuroRadio Big Band in Riga where he played the first trombone and performed solo improvisations. The same year Jievaras Jasinskis became head conductor in Kaunas Big Band.