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Beauty of Chaos
Eesti Elektroonilise Seltsi ansambel
Ensemble of Estonian Electronic Music Society

Ensemble of Estonian Electronic Music Society (EMA) is a lineup formed in 2017, dedicated to playing electronic chamber music. The group aims to transcend technological restraints and promote sensitive musicianship, responding to each other and keen hearing, making full use of all the incredibly rich sonic possibilities offered by electronic instruments. The ensemble comprises six musicians – Doris Hallmägi, Ekke Västrik, Mihkel Tomberg, Taavi Kerikmäe, Tarmo Johannes and Theodore Parker. The ensemble has performed at festivals, such as Afekt 2017, ISCM World / Estonian Music Days 2019 and Üle Heli 2019. Eesti Elektroonilise Muusika Seltsi Ansambel has been lauded for their flexibility and musicality, which, in the case of electronic music, can easily be lost among the switches and sliders. The range of available instruments varies from Buchla and Serge synthesizers to laptop based live-electronics.