The winner of LHV award for new compositions “Au-tasu” is Estonian composer Toivo Tulev for his piece “Black Mirror”

Photo: Peeter Langovits

As part of Estonian Music Days, the award for new compositions “Au-tasu” presented by the Estonian Composers’ Union and LHV was handed out yesterday at 19:00 at the Estonia Concert Hall.

The LHV award for new compositions “Au-tasu” is presented to the composer whose new musical work, premiered in 2016, garners unanimous acclaim from the jury as a highly artistic piece deserving of international recognition. The award is made up of 5000 euros prize money and artwork by glass artist Mare Saar. In addition to this, Estonian Music Days will commission the winner for a brand new piece, subject to their agreement. Altogether, 27 pieces of music were submitted to the LHV new compositions award “Au-tasu”, out of which 10 nominees were selected by an 8-person jury and after discussions the final winner was chosen.

““Black Mirror” by Toivo Tulev is an outstanding creative achievement where fine sophistication meets unforgiving power,” was the unanimous opinion on the winning piece of the LHV new compositions award “Au-tasu” jury.

Through a delicate and fragile “untrained” voice it seems to convey the modern world of illusions and no dreams, almost trying to fit in as time unravels with an instrumental background. This method achieves a powerful illusion of change, a near physical presence of the music. Uncompromisingly honest, the piece reveals itself as a biologically vulnerable organism, making it a unique expression of physical embodiment in new Estonian music.

“The fact that this year the prize went to Toivo Tulev helps broaden the objective of the LHV new compositions award “Au-tasu”, that it is not a young composers’ award and the novelty of a new composition isn’t dependent on generation. In its first year the award was presented to Liisa Hirsch, a student of Toivo Tulev, for her piece “Ascending…Descending”, and to the general public it might have seemed that the award was aimed at younger composers. This year proves that this is not the deciding factor,” said the chairman of the Estonian Composers’ Union, Märt-Matis Lill.

Toivo Tulev (1958) is an Estonian composer, a professor of composition and orchestration and the head of the composition department at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

The award is presented by LHV Bank.
The partners of the competition are the Estonian Composers’ Union, Estonian Music Information Centre, Estonian Public Broadcasting / Klassikaraadio.