Through the Dimness





Niguliste Museum
(Niguliste 3)



Dmitri Bulgakov (oboe, Russia)
Ulla Krigul (organ)
Saale Fischer (organ)
Kristel Aer (organ)


René Eespere (b. 1953) New work for three organs (2017, premiere)
Sander Mölder (b. 1987) New work (2017, premiere)
Malle Maltis (b. 1977) New work for organ and electronics (2017, premiere)
Lauri Jõeleht (b. 1974) “A Prayer In Darkness” for oboe and three organs (2017, premiere)
Andrus Kallastu (b. 1967) New work for two organs (2017, premiere)
Ester Mägi (b. 1922) Concerto for organ and harpsichord (1980)

After more than ten years, it is a pleasure to present a programme at the Estonian Music Days that is devoted to organ, the king of all instruments. The programme includes three organs and three organists – Ulla Krigul, Saale Fischer ja Kristel Aer – who will demonstrate how powerful these instruments really are. Dmitri Bulgakov, a renowned oboist from Moscow, will perform with the organists. The programme includes new works by composers from different generations and different compositional styles and convictions. Some works combine organs with electronic music features. Ester Mägi’s Concerto for organ and harpsichord was completed in 1980 and is the only work that is not been written for this particular concert. Ester Mägi celebrated her 95th birthday in January.