The House with Living Sounds





Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
(Tatari 13)


Free entry


9:30 pm, the Lobby:
Sound installation “Mood Metamorphoses” by Pavel Tcheretchukin and Pasha Semjonov

10:00 pm, Opera Studio
Graphical Scores Concert (curated by Jaak Sikk)

11:15 pm, Chamber Hall
Sinfonietta Concert (curated by Toivo Tulev, conducted by Toomas Vavilov)

“The House with Living Sounds” is a late-night music event offering new ways to experience the building of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The building is a valuable architectural artifact of its time – the early 1990s – but is kept contemporary and relevant by the music student and faculty. The open house programme in this building will offer memorable moments. There are several larger-scale concerts with young composers’ works: The audience will get a chance to listen to new works commissioned by the Estonian Adacemy of Music Sinfonietta Orchestra as well as how graphic scores sound. There will be the sound installation “Mood Metamorphoses” exhibited in the lobby.

In collaboration with the Composition Department of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre