Silence of the North Wind





Estonia Concert Hall
(Estonia pst 4)


22/16/50 (with the previous concert)

Theodor Sink (cello)
Johan Randvere (piano)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Kristiina Poska


Liisa Hirsch (b. 1984) “Threshold” for symphony orchestra (2017, premiere)
Tauno Aints (b. 1975) “In Memoriam Veljo Tormis” for symphony orchestra (2017, premiere)
Erkki-Sven Tüür (b. 1959) Cello Concerto (1996)
Timo Steiner (b. 1976) “Ja siis jäta kõik, mis sul on, ja mine…” / “And then leave everything you’ve got and go…” for piano and orchestra (2017, premiere)
Lepo Sumera (b. 1950–2000) Symphony No. 4 “Serena borealis” (1992)

In the lobby: Ekke Västrik. Sound installation “Contact with Concert Hall” (2017) from series “The Contact”

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra will premiere three new works at this year’s Estonian Music Days. The audience looks forward to listening to new works for orchestra by Liisa Hirsch, the last year’s LHV Bank’s composition award Au-tasu winner, and Tauno Aints. Timo Steiner’s new work will be performed by the orchestra and pianist Johan Randvere. Randvere’s career took off after the first season of the TV show “Classical Music Stars” and more recently he won the 3rd prize at the prestigious Livorno Piano Competition in Italy. It seems that the 1990s are trendy even in the classical music world – in addition to the new works, the concert’s programme includes two Estonian great symphony composers’ landmark works from the 1990s. First of them is Lepo Sumera’s Fourth symphony “Serena borealis” that hasn’t been performed for some time. The second one is the Cello Concerto by Erkki-Sven Tüür, an unofficial student of Sumera. The soloist of the Cello Concerto is Theodor Sink who has so far been more active as a chamber musician. There is a sound installation by the electronic musician Ekke Västrik set up in the lobby of the concert hall.

Kristiina Poska will conduct the evening’s programme. This season is the first for her as a freelance conductor after serving as the first kapellmeister at the Komische Oper, Berlin for four years. Poska has been awarded numerous prizes at competitions as well as one of the most prestigious conductors’ awards in Germany – Deutscher Dirigentenpreis –, which she won in 2013. In spring 2016, she was named the busiest female conductor of the year, in a list compiled by the international music portal “The phenomenon of music is that it can show us aspects we previously had no clue about. In an interview with the journal Muusika, Kristiina Poska stated: “Music has the power to change our range of thoughts and emotions; therefore, enabling us to see things in a new light.”

In collaboration with Eesti Kontsert and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra