Nature vs. Technology





Cinema "Sõprus"
(Vana-Posti 8)



Marko Ciciliani (electronics, Croatia)
Barbara Lüneburg (viola and violin, Germany)


Award Ceremony of the Second Audiovisual Compositsions Competition at the EAMT

Tauno Makke (b. 1984, Estonia)
“The Dynamics of Peace of Mind” for viola, fixed media and video (2017, premiere)
Edgar Pacheca Ruiz (b. 1990, Spain)
“Regresión” for violin, fixed media and video (2017, premiere)
Markus Robam (b. 1991, Estonia)
“Q” for viola, fixed media and video (2017, premiere)
Marko Ciciliani (b. 1971, Croatia)
“Steina” for violin, live electronics, live video and laser (2015, Estonian premiere)

Curator Paolo Girol

This event presents to the Estonian audience two internationally well-known performers, Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg. They have been the duo in residence at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre since January 2018, co-
operating with the three composers on the pieces to be premiered at the concert. The event starts with an award ceremony of the EMTA Competition of Audiovisual Competition, held for the second year, that aims to spread the culture of music technology among pupils at the age of 14–19. The event will be closed by the fascinating atmosphere of the work “Steina”, composed by Marko Ciciliani in 2015 and performed by the outstanding Barbara Lüneburg.

In collaboration with the Composition Department and Concert and Performance Centre of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre