Estonian Actors’ Union 100. Portrait of an Actor





Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
(Müürivahe 12)


Free with museum admission

4 April – 3 September, 2017 (Tuesdays throught Sundays 10 am – 6 pm)

The Estonian Actors’ Union celebrates its 100th anniversary with a two-part exhibition.

Part One: Portrait of an actor. How to portray an actor – as a professional or a human? When is an actor himself/herself? We love actors but often we don’t distinguish them from the roles the play. What are the actors like as private citizens?
Portraits on screens. How close could we get to them?
Created by Maret Kukkur, Kadri Tikerpuu and Gert Raudsep.

Part Two: Documentary series of portraits “Lost Actors”. The series focuses on actors who, for various reasons, have quit acting. We want to find out why they quit, how they felt at the time and how they feel now. Do they miss their old profession? Is it at all possible to quit for good? Is it at all possible to disappear?
Created by Erni Kask and Peeter Rästas from the creative union nu.unioon.

Composer Marianna Liik’s sound installation “A Pattern Filled with Sounds and Pauses” accompanies the exhibition. The installation builds on the recorded sounds of various deinstallments of theatre sets. When arranging these sounds into a sound space, a pattern filled with sounds and pause develops. What a world one can discover while arranging a few sounds into silence… What a world one can find while being alone…

Please note that EMD festival pass does not warrant entry to the exhibition.

In collaboration with the Estonian Actors’ Union, LHV Bank, Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, Estonian Public Broadcasting and nu.unioon.