Chamber of Sound





Niguliste Church / St. Nicholas Church
(Niguliste 3)




Margo Kõlar (b. 1961)
“Kellade kamber” / “The Belfry” for the bells of Estonian churches (2018, premiere)

Märt-Matis Lill (b. 1975)
“Nocturnal Landscapes” for piano and electronics (2018, premiere)

Malle Maltis (b. 1977)
“Puud, kes oskasid kirjutada” / “The Trees Who Knew How to Write” for live electronics (2018, premiere)

Lepo Sumera (1950–2000)
“Play for Two” for violin, percussion and live electronics (1992)

Liina Sumera (b. 1988)
“Conatus” for 16 speakers (2018, premiere)

Curator Tammo Sumera

St. Nicholas Church transforms into a certain altarpiece for sound: the material that makes itself heard varies from concrete to abstract, from familiar to strange. Attentive listener can perceive sounds from unpredictable directions or become woven into music altogether. At the Chamber of Sound, natural sounds can seem supernatural and the classics of Estonian electronic music just as fresh as the new compositions by Malle Maltis, Margo Kõlar and Liina Sumera.