An April Night’s Dream





Estonian National Opera’s roof stage
(Estonia pst 4)


Free entry

Peeter Vähi (keyboards)
Hele-Riin Uib (percussion)

Peeter Vähi (b. 2017) “An April Night’s Dream” for keyboards, percussion, phonogramme and city sounds (2017, premiere)

“An April Night’s Dream” is a composition for electronic keyboards, percussion, phonogram and urban sounds. The original idea was to perform this piece in the basket of a hot air balloon floating above Tallinn. The technical difficulties, however, forced to search for a new concert venue. The title of the piece may bring to mind the famous Shakespeare’s play as well as the riots related to the Bronze Soldier statue that took place ten years ago this April. As the composer, I wouldn’t want to give too specific hints or directions for listening. I would, however, suggest not to linger too long in the Shakespearean times and focus on the contemporary life and keywords such as “social critique”, “grotesque” and “officials’ totalitarianism”. Do we only talk about Tallinn and Estonia? Not really.