A Young Person‘s Guide to New Music





Estonia Concert Hall
(Estonia pst 4)


22/16/50 (with the next concert)

Ardo Ran Varres (narrator)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Kristiina Poska


Brian Current (1972). “A Young Person‘s Guide to New Music” for symphony orchestra, narrator and electronic sound files (2006–2008)

In the lobby: Ekke Västrik. Sound installation “Contact with Concert Hall” (2017) from series “The Contact”

There will be a performance of the American composer Brian Current’s 2008 piece “A Young Person’s Guide to New Music”, which introduces features common to the 20th and 21st century music. These features include form, rhythm, pitch, harmony, texture, colour, melody, performance contexts and electronic music. The actor and composer Ardo Ran Varres will also be participating in the event as the narrator. There is a sound installation by the electronic musician Ekke Västrik set up in the lobby of the concert hall.